Plastic Ocean

From Pavel Matuška

Acid Rain Dance

From Julio Carrion

Greenwashing Inc

From  Peter Ommundsen

Both sides of the Business

From Carlos Tovar

The Worst of Both Worlds

From Victor Velez Becerra

New Reality

From Mileta Miloradovic

I am all alone

From Yifat Shaik, Canada

Man-Made Disasters

From Antonio de Oliveira Filho

Revenge of the Waste

From Kfir Weizman

Checking In

From Valentin Druzhinin, Russia

Environmentally Friendly

From 6db9


From Martin Langford (Esurio Citadel)

The Last Polar Cooler

From Ahmet Aykanat

Earth Heater

From George Licurici, Romania

Drought Yang / Flood Yin

From Marek Simon

Alien Detectives

From Lv Guo-hong, China

Beneath the Trash

From Musa Gumus

DIY Home Oxygen Kit

From Adrian Palmas, Argentina

Money Tree

From Margareta Chitcatti, Moldova

Technology, Then and Now

From Ryan Gill

The Hermits New Home

From Artist Maria Isabel Ramos

The New Forest

From Musa Gumus